About importing and exporting

The advantage of importing and exporting data using the Import and Export Wizard is that it saves you from having to manually re-enter data you need.

Importing and exporting is the process of exchanging data between applications by way of text or data files. These types of files:

  • iCal files (iCalendar) with .ics extension.
  • CSV files (Comma Separated Values) with .csv extension.
  • TSV files (Tab Separated Values) with .txt extension.

You may want to bring in existing information from comma or tab separated files. Maybe you exported information out of Calendarscope, or archived information to a Calendarscope data file, and now want to import it back into Calendarscope. How you import this information depends on the file format the information is in.

You can export items either to a Calendarscope data file, which can only be viewed in Calendarscope, or to another file type, such as a text file, which can then be imported into another program. If you think you may want to bring the information back into Calendarscope at a later date, for example, to retrieve items stored in an archive folder, you should export to a Calendarscope data file. If you plan to work with the data in another program, you should export to a comma or tab separated file.

Exporting is also a convenient way to create a backup copy of items.

Calendarscope can import and export data in several different file formats.

File format

File extension 



Calendarscope data file.cs0YesYes
iCalendar file.icsYesYes
Outlook data file.pstYesNo
Comma-Separated Values (MS-DOS).csvYesYes
Comma-Separated Values (Windows).csvYesYes
Tab-Separated Values (MS-DOS).txtYesYes
Tab-Separated Values (Windows).txtYesYes
xReminder Event file.vr0YesNo
Holiday file.vrhYesNo