Drag and Drop

After you create an Event, you may want to move it to another time and date on the calendar.

Drag the Event to a new time or date in the calendar or a new date in Date Navigator Bar. (Press CTRL while dragging to make a copy of the Event.)

To change both the date and time of the Event, move the Event to the date you want in Date Navigator Bar, select Day View, click that date in Date Navigator Bar, and then, in the Day View, drag the Event to the hour you want.

To change the duration of the Event drag the top or bottom borders of the Event (Day View), or drag the left or right borders of an All-day or Multi-day Event (Week and Month Views.)

  • If the Event is recurring, only the selected instance of the Event is moved. To move all instances of the Event, open the Event, click Recurrence button, and then change the recurrence pattern.