Event Properties

Double-click an item to open the Modify Item dialog box, where you can set and change the item's properties.

  1. Type a subject.
  2. Type a location.
  3. Select an item type.
  4. Select a priority level.
  5. Mark time as "Free", "Busy", "Out of office", or "Tentative".
  6. Click the Scheduling button to find the best time for your appointment.
  7. Click the Recurrence button to make a recurring event.
  8. Select the Notify option to be reminded about the event before its start time.
  9. Click the Setup button to modify reminder settings.
  10. Click the button to make the reminder window topmost.
  11. Click the button not to show the reminder window when the event time is over.
  12. Type notes.
  13. Click the Categories button to select categories.
  14. Click the Print button to print the event.
  15. Click the Save As iCalendar button to save the event in iCalendar format.
  16. Click the Delete button to delete the event.
  17. Click the Zoom button to zoom in or out the dialog box controls.
  18. Click the Hidden Item button to mark the event as hidden.
  19. Click the Locked Item button to lock the event to prevent accidental modification/deletion of the event.