Date and time shortcuts

Entering time intervals

You can enter m, h, or d to indicate minutes, hours, or days, respectively.

  • For example, 90m or 1.5h means 1.5 hours, 2h means 2 hours, 4.2d means 4.2 days, etc.
This shortcut applies to any period field.
  • For example: Duration, Remind, Snooze, etc.
Entering time

You can enter 745, 2255, etc.
  • For example, 745 means 7:45 AM, 2255 means 10:55 PM, etc.
This shortcut applies to any time field.
  • For example: Start time, End time, etc.


Start time

You can enter start time as a duration from the current time or from the previously selected time.
  • For example, >2h means to set start time to the selected date/time and two hours,
    but +2h means to set start date/time to the current time and two hours.