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Calendarscope - Screen Shots

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Calendarscope - Day view
Day view
Calendarscope - Multi-day view - (2 - 10 days )
Multi-day view
Calendarscope - Month view
Month view
Calendarscope - Year view
Year view
Calendarscope - Event List view
Event List view
Calendarscope - Tasks view
Tasks view
Calendarscope - Print Styles
Print styles
Calendarscope - Printing Options
Printing options
Calendarscope - Printing
Print setup
Calendarscope - Event properties
Event properties
Calendarscope - Scheduling
Calendarscope - Color-coded reminder windows
Reminder windows
Calendarscope - Customize any view
Calendarscope - Options - General
Calendarscope - Edit Item Type
Color-coded item types
Calendarscope - Import and Export
Import and Export
Calendarscope - Save as a Web page - General
Save as a Web page
Calendarscope - Backup Options
Backup options
Clock with different time zones Customizable digital clock with upcoming reminders Customizable digital clock with upcoming reminders
You should have running DS Clock ( FREE utility )
in order to see the upcoming reminders.